A Refreshing Remedy

I recently came across a few articles on a new healthy home remedy for your oral health: oil pulling! This ancient technique is slowly becoming something more popular in our society. I have a fascination with home remedies because they seem to work almost every time. So what is oil pulling and what does it do? It has an insane amount of benefits and it’s a super easy task to take care of every morning.

The supposed benefits of this include detoxification and prevention. There are claims that it may prevent oral diseases and cavities, so you could be leaving the dentist’s office happy. Other benefits include cleaning bacteria out of your mouth which does a better job than floss and mouthwash. It does this because the plaque and bacteria gets stuck in the oil and dissolves when you swish it around your teeth (1). Oils are natural germ and bacteria destroyers (2) Amazing!

Alternative perks also involve other parts of your body. It can clear your sinuses, potentially prevent migraines, and here’s a bonus: whiten your teeth! Scientific research on this process has gradually been researched and tested and it supposedly helps reduce the amount of bacteria in your mouth and possibly your entire body (3). The best oils to use are sesame, sunflower, coconut, and olive oil.

So how do you do this? Simply put a small amount of oil and swish it around like you would with mouthwash for approximately 20 minutes. To get the full benefits you should perform this on an empty stomach because it can pull all of the toxins out. Spit it out then perform your morning oral hygiene routine.

Here are some stylish oil bottles to place in your bathroom:



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1. Effect of oil pulling on Streptococcus mutans. http://www.jisppd.com/article.asp?issn=0970-4388;year=2008;volume=26;issue=1;spage=12;epage=17;aulast=Asokan
2. http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2014/05/05/oil-pulling-coconut-oil.aspx
3. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18408265
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Bring on the Brass!

Before choosing a topic for my blog each week, I like to keep up with what trends other bloggers are talking about for 2014. I came across an article from freshhome.com that brought up the use of brass fixtures in the home i.e. kitchen sinks, bathtubs, and other exquisite pieces of hardware throughout the home. We typically don’t see brass being used as a major element in the home, and are accustomed to the standard use of porcelain or stainless steel. But bringing brass into the mix, when used in conjunction with the right design scheme, can become an unexpected and pleasant surprise to an otherwise ordinary room.


This metallic trend’s comeback is aiming towards style rather than shine. This year is more about warmth rather than the cool tones we see from steel, nickel, and chrome. A slight amount of brass can create a more traditional and comfortable atmosphere. Subtle additions such as lighting fixtures, sinks, bathtubs, or something as simple as a doorknob may add a warm, yet elegant feeling to a room. The color is soft and pleasing to the eye; and not to mention with age it will gain a gorgeous patina.

This zinc and copper combination can add a modern look to your home, but still express the authentic charm of it. Below are some of my favorite designs:

Brass items

When it is designed in a delicate way, brass can have class. Brass is back!

Images: Houzz, Currey and Company, Jeffrey Alexander, Danze, The Interior Gallery, Baldwin Hardware

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Attracting Birds

Designing the look of your outdoor living spaces is just as important as designing those indoors. In recent years I’ve come to enjoy the variety of small birds that have come and gone, making their homes in the trees planted in my backyard and patio. This summer I’ve decided to take a closer look at thinking of new ways to re-design my outdoor spaces with these lively little creatures in mind, and go beyond the typical birdhouse.


Designing your own unique bird homes to place throughout your patio or backyard is a great new way to accessorize the outdoors and attract some of the native birds that live in your community, such as hummingbirds or small sparrows. Creating a natural habitat out of the resources found in your own backyard will captivate your local birds, and encourage them to nest. To do so, one must create an environment that includes a safe place for nesting, water for bathing, and an abundance of greens and florals for an added design element (of course!). All you need to do for something simple and attractive is to gather some hay, pieces of bark, branches and twigs, pine needles, etcetera, to form the base of the nest. Adding this will encourage a variety of birds to nest in your bird house creation.

Creating small bird baths is easier than your would imagine. This can be done by carving out or chiseling small watering holes into rocks or cement slabs in one’s garden. This concept is great because rain fall or precipitation will naturally collect in the holes, ensuring a perfect place for birds to bathe. The addition of various rocks and pebbles make great perches for the birds to stay and play.

Your bird house or bird environment can be as elaborate or simple as you would like it to be, and I suggest letting your creativity guide you ! Below are some of my favorite concepts that I found, which may help you in deciding how to design your own. Look up “DIY Nesting Balls and birdhouses” on your browser for more information.

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The Living Wall

I can remember vividly when my youngest daughter was applying for college, a trip we took to the University of San Francisco campus and I have yet to forget a wonderful organic design element incorporated onto several walls throughout the city in the most unexpected places! Upon a large wall was a live plant installation that was created with burlap or wooden crates, and a variety of succulents and small lush garden plants. While in San Francisco I was also first introduced to air plants, which I often saw incorporated into the living wall installations.


Creating a Living Wall is just a step up from the air plant terrarium, and not the daunting task that some may anticipate. Your living wall can literally cover the surface of an entire wall, or you can make it as small as a hanging picture… It’s all in your hands. There are quite a few different ways to make an installation like this, but most involve building a frame with a plastic lining on the backside, and running some irrigation in order to provide the necessary watering. The incorporation of succulents would lead to less water requirements for your wall (just as a side note!). A very helpful blog to use for instructional support is http://www.livingwallart.com/category/do-it-yourself/, which guides you step by step. You can easily tweak certain elements in the creation process other than what’s outlined in the guide, giving your living wall whatever personal edge you would like. Change up the shape and design of the frame you build, and arrange the plants in a manner which most appeals to you. The Living Wall is a great addition to any space, and can be done both on the walls inside as well as those of the exterior. It can bring a fresh new accent to a space that is missing that little something extra. The creation of the living wall is an easy to build DIY project, which allows its “artist” (which would be you) the ability to add life to a space that might otherwise be neglected.


Air Plants are mostly indigenous to the West, and able to survive the warmer, dry climates such as that here in Southern Nevada. I love this type of plant, which comes in hundreds of species, due to its low level of maintenance and its creature-esq aesthetic appeal. The roots of the plant attach themselves to trees, rocks, and other forms of vegetation in their natural environment. Lately the trend is to place the air plant inside clear glass bulbs and hanging vases, exposing the root base while the plant grows freely through the opening. To make a more intricate air plant installation, I recommend throwing in some stones, wood, twigs, and faux moss to create a small terrarium. Keeping the plants healthy and alive is as simple as placing them in areas with good air circulation, lightly misting a few times per week, and making sure not to place your plant or glass terrarium in a place with a large degree of direct sunlight. For a detailed tutorial on how to make your own air plant creation, the following web page is a great guide. http://www.thezenofmaking.com/2010/04/how-to-make-air-plant-chandelier-with.html



Be sure to check out our article in last Saturday’s issue of the Las Vegas Review Journal on our recent model home project opening at Pardee’s Summerglen.


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Design Find!

This week I am featuring a designer whose art has recently caught my eye.

While working on a new project we came across an exciting new product by Alex Turco. Turco is an art designer who has his own line of beautifully designed art panels. These panels came to my attention while visiting a local tile showroom. The interesting design in itself was enough to catch my attention. The variety and creativity behind each panel is absolutely stunning. This Italian designer creates beautiful and functional pieces of art that can be used in wet areas, in outdoor living areas, as doors, counters, backsplashes, elevator cabs, ceilings, curved walls, columns and even canvases and furniture. Turco’s designs range from the beauty of rain running down a pane of glass to images with movement like a mermaid leaping out of water. Each of these panels are custom made and can be made from the size of a sheet of paper to the size of an entire wall and beyond.

In design, there is an abundance of creativity and many fun things that can be applied to a space. Alex Turco’s art is now another one of the fun things.



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We recently completed a series of model homes for Pardee Homes! Summerglen is the newest Pardee community and is located near Sunset and Ft. Apache. These models offer three very different floor plans ranging in size from 2,311 sqft. to 2402 sqft. Summerglen is priced from the high $200,000s.

These models were designed with the local community in mind. Not only does Pardee have a reputation for being environmentally conscious within their homes but each of these were tailored toward both function and style that any family can be comfortable with. Colours selected all finishes throughout each model.

Plan 1 is a traditional Spanish home that we designed to parallel the exterior. We were sure to include medium wood tones, warm colors and interesting accessories to spice up the space. This plan features a spacious walk in spa shower, a gorgeous outdoor living space and stunning knotty alder cabinetry.

Plan 2 is a Craftsman styled home with a transitional feel. The color scheme is kept fresh with amethyst, taupe and touches of leaf green and dusty yellows. Dark wood tones offset the fresh colors to create an interesting contrast throughout. This plan includes a large loft perfect for family game night or having friends over for movies, a beautiful master suite and an outdoor entertaining area that would keep anyone’s social life booming.

Plan 3 is a French Provencal home that features driftwood finishes, fresh linen cabinetry and complementary versions of teal and coral throughout. This plan is the largest of all three with a formal living room, a family room, a large eat in kitchen, and a very spacious laundry room.

This project was a big step for Pardee and for Colours. Pardee homes selected Colours as the first Las Vegas designer in their history of building to design these model homes.

I encourage everyone to go check out these models and let us know which one is your favorite!

Summerglen Design Team

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Mother’s Day is fast approaching! Floral arrangements are always a classic way to celebrate Mother’s Day. For this special holiday as well as any other special occasion, shop for flowers locally to get a truly one of a kind piece. Flora Couture by Floral 2000 is a premier florist right here in Las Vegas. Owner Michelle Howard is very passionate about her work and the true artistry that goes into every single arrangement.


These arrangements above are so beautiful because they are each so unique. I absolutely love the arrangements in the center with the succulent accents. Michelle explains, “We set ourselves apart from other floral shops by creating each piece specific to our client. My team and I practice a philosophy that we are not just delivering flowers, we are delivering someone’s emotions”. This absolutely resonates with me because I feel this philosophy is so parallel to that of interior design. When designing, every client is unique and as such no two designs are exactly the same. In design, the client should be kept in mind when selecting every single piece. I feel that a truly successful design is one which the client feels an emotional connection with. You can tell by the many unique designs from Michelle and her team at Floral 2000 the client is of the utmost importance. See some more beautiful designs below!


To see more of the beautiful arrangements from Flora Couture visit the website here: Floral 2000

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Every home needs a mud room area for everyone to store their things when coming and going. In design, storage is a functionality that often does not get as much attention as elements such as art and accessories. However, since storage and organization are so important to a home, having these elements in mind when designing is paramount. A home’s design can still feel holistic while also having function. There just has to be the perfect balance. Using elements to create what used to be called the “hall tree” to make the family entry is a great way to have a landing area for all the coming and going in the home. There are so many different styles for these storage pieces there is a possibility for every home!

              Pic1Pic4           Pic2Pic3

Above are just a few examples of how to create a mud room area for storage. These pieces offer storage for loose items for go-to school/work needs and most will have hooks for a coat rack, hats, or bags. This style is great because it offers capability for separate pieces such as baskets or catch all spots. Pulling this piece together into a whole design can be easily done by adding a custom bench cushion.



These pieces shown above are some ideas that are not quite the same as the classic “hall tree” style used for a mud room area, but they are just as functional. Depending on the whole design, a piece with this style might have more of an enhancing quality to its location. Those who want a cleaner approach can use custom cabinetry to create hidden storage in a way that can still be aesthetically pleasing. See the pictures above for some examples.

The function of a mud room area is really to add storage to a hallway or entry and meant to be a place for every member of the household to gear up when leaving the house or unwind when the day is over. Making this spot pleasant to the eye and easy to use is such a great challenge to design.

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Looking for a way to enhance your outdoor entertaining space? Try Festoon lights! These classic string lights are used in many different ways, most commonly for decorating a Christmas tree. These strings of brightly colored bulbs are a staple to outdoor decoration. With the weather finally warming up for spring it is time to dress up the outdoor space with some flare. These outdoor lights will add soft festive lighting to any outdoor spot.

  pic 1

Ken Reynar, Principle of Light Solutions has been my good friend for years and I consider him to be one of the leading experts in lighting design and concepts. Ken says “Festoon lighting is great because it is festive and casual”. Ken shared with me how easily these lights can transform a space – “I had a restaurant project that wanted to create a patio feel indoors…making the ceiling dark and adding festoon lights throughout the rafters made the space instantly feel like it was a night outdoors”.

pic 2

Festoon lights are very versatile and can be used in many outdoor settings. Outdoor lighting is an element to the overall design that cannot be overlooked. The style of lighting in an outdoor space sets the feel of the atmosphere. As Ken said, these stringed bulbs are festive and casual which makes for a relaxing feel. These lights are perfect for outdoors for just that reason! Spring has sprung and weather is warming up, soon all your guests will want to spend most of the time outside (until we start melting in the Vegas heat!)

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There are hidden treasures throughout Las Vegas and one of them is Chocolate & Spice Bakery in Summerlin. This quaint bakery shop has been creating decadent treats since May 2012 and does not see any signs of slowing! Chef Megan Romano is the heart and soul of this great eatery and her passion for her craft is put into every menu item. We recently had a seminar catered by a full day of delicious Chocolate & Spice items, starting with breakfast and lunch entrees then finishing with savory cocktail bites. The Bakery itself is a calming space of simplicity yet eclectic and filled with color.


Megan Romano is an award winning chef and cookbook author who has had an impressive career in esteemed restaurants in New York, Florida, and Las Vegas. She has always had a place in her heart for the culinary arts. Growing up in a close-knit family the kitchen was always the place to be. While attending school she studied abroad in Paris for a semester and learned the cornerstone methods to cooking. After graduating from Northwestern with a degree in communications, Megan accidently stumbled into her true passion of culinary cuisine. She then went on to gain substantial experience working for renowned chefs around the country without having any formal culinary training.  

Through her career Megan has learned what works, what doesn’t, and has found the best way she knows to present food at its simplest.  In 2010 she stepped out on her own by publishing her first cookbook ‘It’s a Sweet Life’.

Opening Chocolate & Spice has been Megan’s dream come true. She loves every day making the business truly her own and exploring every avenue to enhance the already fabulous menu. Megan says what makes Chocolate & Spice so unique is, “Tasty food items hand made every day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner” (Whatever you do you must try her hand made croissants!)

All this month for Easter Celebration, Chocolate & Spice will have Easter-themed treats such as cupcakes, sugar cookies, and pastel-colored macaroons. The Bakery will also host a hands-on class in the kitchen where Megan will help children be creative with making Easter treats.

In the near future Megan hopes to publish a second cookbook which will offer a simpler side to every day cooking. Her goal is to make a guide to making cooking easy and fun that can be in anyone’s kitchen.

Check out the Chocolate & Spice Bakery website here: Chocolate&Spice.com

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