While at the winter Las Vegas Market we discovered this great company from Denver, Colorado. We used their huge letter pieces as art at the brand new Distill Bar in Summerlin. Watson & Co. offers art pieces, furniture, lighting, and accessories.


Chris Watson, founder and designer of Watson & Co. has a passionate love for design and an eye for true statement pieces. Starting out in antiques, Chris quickly learned how to spot richly unique pieces. He later moved into residential interior design where he was truly able to enrich his eye for design. It was shortly after working in interior design when Chris thought of merging his two passions into one. Watson & Co. was born with this idea of combining interior design and trade, which is not always an easy union. The way Chris and his company has united interior design and retail merchandising is so brilliant and seamless!

The passion for ingenuity and artistry never ends at Watson & Co. We designed an art wall using some of their letters made of recycled tin and oil drums. See the picture below for how it turned out!


All of the letters are made from recycled material, which is always a great way to design! Chris tells us there are tons of used oil drums piled up in junk yards that are just waiting to be repurposed. One of the signature pieces featuring the recycled letters is an assortment placed on 8 foot screens. Check out the picture below!


Chris also told us about some exclusive furniture pieces in the works that are made out of wood floor planks from old train cars. How awesome is that?!

This company is truly a great find because it combines both elements of design, creating and engineering. Chris and his tight knit team (just like Colours!) have such a passion for what they do and make the experience working with them fun! I have a strong feeling we will be using Watson & Co. again very soon! Check out more of their products on their website at www.watsonandco.com.


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Images courtesy of: Watson & Co.; Distill by Billy Ward Photography

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