BPCover insertThis week we had the privilege to be featured in the Las Vegas Review Journal Business Press ‘Rising Stars of Business’ 2014 Edition.

The pictures in the feature were taken in the brand new Distill Bar in Summerlin which opened just a few weeks ago.

I would like to thank Holly Silvestri at the Ferraro Group for making this happen and of course the author of the editorial, Buck Wargo.

Celebrating our 25th year in business feels amazing and I cannot send enough thanks to all of my friends and clients. The only thing the article does not mention is that I am happily married to Ron Parraguirre for 22 years and have my beautiful daughters Jilli and Cali. Last year my oldest Cali gave me my beautiful granddaughter Olive Irene to boot!! Life is good.

BParticle insert

To read the full editorial, follow this link:

Images courtesy of: Las Vegas Business Press

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