Accessories and accent pieces are some of the most expressive elements to a design. Using everyday items to accent different elements is a great way of approaching design. Trays are more than just for perfume bottles. An accent tray can accessorize a room with elegance or really add a pop and the best part is there are many ways to functionalize them. They can even create your bar!


In a bathroom, an accent tray can be used to hold delicate toiletries and other bath accessories instead of strewed about on the counter. Add a pop of color with a bright tray design or add a small group of flowers and your vanity will look elegant and accessorized.


In other rooms such as the living space or even a bedroom, trays can clean up clutter by organizing small items or accentuate pieces of sculpture or jewelry. There are so many designs to trays from metal or glass to wood and wicker designs. An accent tray may even be a statement of fashion with intricate details or construction.


The beauty of using these trays is that what is displayed in them can change at any time. An accent tray used in a focal point location such as a dining table can be used to display a change in season with foliage and produce. Of course a tray can always act as a service to serving beverages or food to guests. The possibilities are endless with this classic accessory piece of organization.


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Images: Zodax; Uttermost; Mackenzie Childs; Jonathan Adler; Cyan Design; John Derian; Michael Aram; Carl Moore
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