There are hidden treasures throughout Las Vegas and one of them is Chocolate & Spice Bakery in Summerlin. This quaint bakery shop has been creating decadent treats since May 2012 and does not see any signs of slowing! Chef Megan Romano is the heart and soul of this great eatery and her passion for her craft is put into every menu item. We recently had a seminar catered by a full day of delicious Chocolate & Spice items, starting with breakfast and lunch entrees then finishing with savory cocktail bites. The Bakery itself is a calming space of simplicity yet eclectic and filled with color.


Megan Romano is an award winning chef and cookbook author who has had an impressive career in esteemed restaurants in New York, Florida, and Las Vegas. She has always had a place in her heart for the culinary arts. Growing up in a close-knit family the kitchen was always the place to be. While attending school she studied abroad in Paris for a semester and learned the cornerstone methods to cooking. After graduating from Northwestern with a degree in communications, Megan accidently stumbled into her true passion of culinary cuisine. She then went on to gain substantial experience working for renowned chefs around the country without having any formal culinary training.  

Through her career Megan has learned what works, what doesn’t, and has found the best way she knows to present food at its simplest.  In 2010 she stepped out on her own by publishing her first cookbook ‘It’s a Sweet Life’.

Opening Chocolate & Spice has been Megan’s dream come true. She loves every day making the business truly her own and exploring every avenue to enhance the already fabulous menu. Megan says what makes Chocolate & Spice so unique is, “Tasty food items hand made every day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner” (Whatever you do you must try her hand made croissants!)

All this month for Easter Celebration, Chocolate & Spice will have Easter-themed treats such as cupcakes, sugar cookies, and pastel-colored macaroons. The Bakery will also host a hands-on class in the kitchen where Megan will help children be creative with making Easter treats.

In the near future Megan hopes to publish a second cookbook which will offer a simpler side to every day cooking. Her goal is to make a guide to making cooking easy and fun that can be in anyone’s kitchen.

Check out the Chocolate & Spice Bakery website here: Chocolate&

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