Looking for a way to enhance your outdoor entertaining space? Try Festoon lights! These classic string lights are used in many different ways, most commonly for decorating a Christmas tree. These strings of brightly colored bulbs are a staple to outdoor decoration. With the weather finally warming up for spring it is time to dress up the outdoor space with some flare. These outdoor lights will add soft festive lighting to any outdoor spot.

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Ken Reynar, Principle of Light Solutions has been my good friend for years and I consider him to be one of the leading experts in lighting design and concepts. Ken says “Festoon lighting is great because it is festive and casual”. Ken shared with me how easily these lights can transform a space – “I had a restaurant project that wanted to create a patio feel indoors…making the ceiling dark and adding festoon lights throughout the rafters made the space instantly feel like it was a night outdoors”.

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Festoon lights are very versatile and can be used in many outdoor settings. Outdoor lighting is an element to the overall design that cannot be overlooked. The style of lighting in an outdoor space sets the feel of the atmosphere. As Ken said, these stringed bulbs are festive and casual which makes for a relaxing feel. These lights are perfect for outdoors for just that reason! Spring has sprung and weather is warming up, soon all your guests will want to spend most of the time outside (until we start melting in the Vegas heat!)

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