Mother’s Day is fast approaching! Floral arrangements are always a classic way to celebrate Mother’s Day. For this special holiday as well as any other special occasion, shop for flowers locally to get a truly one of a kind piece. Flora Couture by Floral 2000 is a premier florist right here in Las Vegas. Owner Michelle Howard is very passionate about her work and the true artistry that goes into every single arrangement.


These arrangements above are so beautiful because they are each so unique. I absolutely love the arrangements in the center with the succulent accents. Michelle explains, “We set ourselves apart from other floral shops by creating each piece specific to our client. My team and I practice a philosophy that we are not just delivering flowers, we are delivering someone’s emotions”. This absolutely resonates with me because I feel this philosophy is so parallel to that of interior design. When designing, every client is unique and as such no two designs are exactly the same. In design, the client should be kept in mind when selecting every single piece. I feel that a truly successful design is one which the client feels an emotional connection with. You can tell by the many unique designs from Michelle and her team at Floral 2000 the client is of the utmost importance. See some more beautiful designs below!


To see more of the beautiful arrangements from Flora Couture visit the website here: Floral 2000

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