Design Find!

This week I am featuring a designer whose art has recently caught my eye.

While working on a new project we came across an exciting new product by Alex Turco. Turco is an art designer who has his own line of beautifully designed art panels. These panels came to my attention while visiting a local tile showroom. The interesting design in itself was enough to catch my attention. The variety and creativity behind each panel is absolutely stunning. This Italian designer creates beautiful and functional pieces of art that can be used in wet areas, in outdoor living areas, as doors, counters, backsplashes, elevator cabs, ceilings, curved walls, columns and even canvases and furniture. Turco’s designs range from the beauty of rain running down a pane of glass to images with movement like a mermaid leaping out of water. Each of these panels are custom made and can be made from the size of a sheet of paper to the size of an entire wall and beyond.

In design, there is an abundance of creativity and many fun things that can be applied to a space. Alex Turco’s art is now another one of the fun things.



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