Attracting Birds

Designing the look of your outdoor living spaces is just as important as designing those indoors. In recent years I’ve come to enjoy the variety of small birds that have come and gone, making their homes in the trees planted in my backyard and patio. This summer I’ve decided to take a closer look at thinking of new ways to re-design my outdoor spaces with these lively little creatures in mind, and go beyond the typical birdhouse.


Designing your own unique bird homes to place throughout your patio or backyard is a great new way to accessorize the outdoors and attract some of the native birds that live in your community, such as hummingbirds or small sparrows. Creating a natural habitat out of the resources found in your own backyard will captivate your local birds, and encourage them to nest. To do so, one must create an environment that includes a safe place for nesting, water for bathing, and an abundance of greens and florals for an added design element (of course!). All you need to do for something simple and attractive is to gather some hay, pieces of bark, branches and twigs, pine needles, etcetera, to form the base of the nest. Adding this will encourage a variety of birds to nest in your bird house creation.

Creating small bird baths is easier than your would imagine. This can be done by carving out or chiseling small watering holes into rocks or cement slabs in one’s garden. This concept is great because rain fall or precipitation will naturally collect in the holes, ensuring a perfect place for birds to bathe. The addition of various rocks and pebbles make great perches for the birds to stay and play.

Your bird house or bird environment can be as elaborate or simple as you would like it to be, and I suggest letting your creativity guide you ! Below are some of my favorite concepts that I found, which may help you in deciding how to design your own. Look up “DIY Nesting Balls and birdhouses” on your browser for more information.

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