A Refreshing Remedy

I recently came across a few articles on a new healthy home remedy for your oral health: oil pulling! This ancient technique is slowly becoming something more popular in our society. I have a fascination with home remedies because they seem to work almost every time. So what is oil pulling and what does it do? It has an insane amount of benefits and it’s a super easy task to take care of every morning.

The supposed benefits of this include detoxification and prevention. There are claims that it may prevent oral diseases and cavities, so you could be leaving the dentist’s office happy. Other benefits include cleaning bacteria out of your mouth which does a better job than floss and mouthwash. It does this because the plaque and bacteria gets stuck in the oil and dissolves when you swish it around your teeth (1). Oils are natural germ and bacteria destroyers (2) Amazing!

Alternative perks also involve other parts of your body. It can clear your sinuses, potentially prevent migraines, and here’s a bonus: whiten your teeth! Scientific research on this process has gradually been researched and tested and it supposedly helps reduce the amount of bacteria in your mouth and possibly your entire body (3). The best oils to use are sesame, sunflower, coconut, and olive oil.

So how do you do this? Simply put a small amount of oil and swish it around like you would with mouthwash for approximately 20 minutes. To get the full benefits you should perform this on an empty stomach because it can pull all of the toxins out. Spit it out then perform your morning oral hygiene routine.

Here are some stylish oil bottles to place in your bathroom:



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