There are hidden treasures throughout Las Vegas and one of them is Chocolate & Spice Bakery in Summerlin. This quaint bakery shop has been creating decadent treats since May 2012 and does not see any signs of slowing! Chef Megan Romano is the heart and soul of this great eatery and her passion for her craft is put into every menu item. We recently had a seminar catered by a full day of delicious Chocolate & Spice items, starting with breakfast and lunch entrees then finishing with savory cocktail bites. The Bakery itself is a calming space of simplicity yet eclectic and filled with color.


Megan Romano is an award winning chef and cookbook author who has had an impressive career in esteemed restaurants in New York, Florida, and Las Vegas. She has always had a place in her heart for the culinary arts. Growing up in a close-knit family the kitchen was always the place to be. While attending school she studied abroad in Paris for a semester and learned the cornerstone methods to cooking. After graduating from Northwestern with a degree in communications, Megan accidently stumbled into her true passion of culinary cuisine. She then went on to gain substantial experience working for renowned chefs around the country without having any formal culinary training.  

Through her career Megan has learned what works, what doesn’t, and has found the best way she knows to present food at its simplest.  In 2010 she stepped out on her own by publishing her first cookbook ‘It’s a Sweet Life’.

Opening Chocolate & Spice has been Megan’s dream come true. She loves every day making the business truly her own and exploring every avenue to enhance the already fabulous menu. Megan says what makes Chocolate & Spice so unique is, “Tasty food items hand made every day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner” (Whatever you do you must try her hand made croissants!)

All this month for Easter Celebration, Chocolate & Spice will have Easter-themed treats such as cupcakes, sugar cookies, and pastel-colored macaroons. The Bakery will also host a hands-on class in the kitchen where Megan will help children be creative with making Easter treats.

In the near future Megan hopes to publish a second cookbook which will offer a simpler side to every day cooking. Her goal is to make a guide to making cooking easy and fun that can be in anyone’s kitchen.

Check out the Chocolate & Spice Bakery website here: Chocolate&

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Accessories and accent pieces are some of the most expressive elements to a design. Using everyday items to accent different elements is a great way of approaching design. Trays are more than just for perfume bottles. An accent tray can accessorize a room with elegance or really add a pop and the best part is there are many ways to functionalize them. They can even create your bar!


In a bathroom, an accent tray can be used to hold delicate toiletries and other bath accessories instead of strewed about on the counter. Add a pop of color with a bright tray design or add a small group of flowers and your vanity will look elegant and accessorized.


In other rooms such as the living space or even a bedroom, trays can clean up clutter by organizing small items or accentuate pieces of sculpture or jewelry. There are so many designs to trays from metal or glass to wood and wicker designs. An accent tray may even be a statement of fashion with intricate details or construction.


The beauty of using these trays is that what is displayed in them can change at any time. An accent tray used in a focal point location such as a dining table can be used to display a change in season with foliage and produce. Of course a tray can always act as a service to serving beverages or food to guests. The possibilities are endless with this classic accessory piece of organization.


As always, remember to contact Colours for all of your design needs!

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Images: Zodax; Uttermost; Mackenzie Childs; Jonathan Adler; Cyan Design; John Derian; Michael Aram; Carl Moore
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Last week the Colours Design team had the privilege of receiving instruction from award winning designer, artist, author and educator, and my good friend, Jackie Von Tobel. The design team and I took part in an all-day seminar of instruction and creativity. I believe that education is a never ending aspect of design. Being able to learn new things and adapt to new concepts is a paramount aspect of design. With the expert instruction from Jackie, my designers and I were able to enrich our knowledge of a skill which is easily lost on our age of technology; Hand sketching and rendering!

insert 1

Jackie has delved into many areas all over the map of design. She is a seasoned interior designer having run her own full service design firm for twenty years. She found her niche in becoming an expert in fabric application designs beginning with drapery. C­­atering to professionals and homeowners alike, her detailed books inspire and instruct the basics of fundamental elements of interior design with hand sketching and rendering. Jackie now has published three design directory books, The Design Directory of Window Treatments,The Design Directory of Bedding and the newest edition to the collection Slip Covers and Upholstery. The window treatment and bedding books have been staple directories for designers everywhere, including my studio at Colours. The beautiful designs alone inspire amazing custom designs.

insert 2

This class was such a great way to dive into this skill which is essential when creating designs and demonstrating what the treatment will actually look like. Creating custom window treatments is a cornerstone element to interior design. Pulling together the design of a space can be influenced by these window treatments alone. Jackie taught us tricks and tools to use that can help make a simple deigns really pop off the page!

 insert 3

Remember to contact Colours for all your custom design needs!

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BPCover insertThis week we had the privilege to be featured in the Las Vegas Review Journal Business Press ‘Rising Stars of Business’ 2014 Edition.

The pictures in the feature were taken in the brand new Distill Bar in Summerlin which opened just a few weeks ago.

I would like to thank Holly Silvestri at the Ferraro Group for making this happen and of course the author of the editorial, Buck Wargo.

Celebrating our 25th year in business feels amazing and I cannot send enough thanks to all of my friends and clients. The only thing the article does not mention is that I am happily married to Ron Parraguirre for 22 years and have my beautiful daughters Jilli and Cali. Last year my oldest Cali gave me my beautiful granddaughter Olive Irene to boot!! Life is good.

BParticle insert

To read the full editorial, follow this link:

Images courtesy of: Las Vegas Business Press

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mebeforeyouThis week I would like to share an amazing novel I had the pleasure of reading, ‘Me Before You’ by JoJo Moyes. This NY Times bestseller is a story you just can’t put down! If you are looking for an unconventional love story that is passionate and unforgettable, pick up a copy of ‘Me Before You’.

The story takes place in England and follows the dynamic and enthralling relationship between small town girl Louisa Clark and business mogul Will Traynor. Will becomes paralyzed from the neck down after a tragic accident and can no longer live his thrill-seeking and extravagant life the  way he once did. Louisa takes needed employment being a companion to Will and helping him live his life through his disability. Louisa is challenged with trying to ‘cheer up’ a seemingly hopeless man who was once able to do anything but is now bound to a wheelchair. As the relationship between Louisa and Will develops and changes, this unforgettable love story takes place.

Bestselling Author Jojo Moyes was inspired to write this story from hearing true tragedies of physically disabled individuals and how they live their lives.  

          “I had two close relatives who were dependent on twenty–four–hour care, and the issue of quality of life and how we behave around the severely disabled was high in my mind. But the novel was really spurred by a news story I heard, about a young rugby player who was left quadriplegic after an accident and who persuaded his parents to take him to Dignitas, the Swiss clinic, to allow him to go through with an assisted suicide. I couldn’t believe any parent would agree to do that—and yet the more I read up on his story, the more I realized the issue was not as clear–cut as I would have liked to believe.” – Jojo Moyes

Here are a couple rave reviews for ‘Me Before You‘!

“‘Me Before You’ is a page-turner that sucks the reader into caring about the fate of the heroine…Me Before You is by turns funny and moving but never predictable” – Deirde Donahue, USA Today

“‘Me Before You’ is a love story and a family story, but above all it’s a story of the bravery and sustained effort needed to redirect the path of a life once it’s been pushed off course” – Pamela Dorman, The New York Times


This was such a great story I would love to even read it again! Pick up a copy locally or on

See more of JoJo Moyes great novels on her website.

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Sources: USA Today, The New York Times, Penguin Publisher, (image)


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While at the winter Las Vegas Market we discovered this great company from Denver, Colorado. We used their huge letter pieces as art at the brand new Distill Bar in Summerlin. Watson & Co. offers art pieces, furniture, lighting, and accessories.


Chris Watson, founder and designer of Watson & Co. has a passionate love for design and an eye for true statement pieces. Starting out in antiques, Chris quickly learned how to spot richly unique pieces. He later moved into residential interior design where he was truly able to enrich his eye for design. It was shortly after working in interior design when Chris thought of merging his two passions into one. Watson & Co. was born with this idea of combining interior design and trade, which is not always an easy union. The way Chris and his company has united interior design and retail merchandising is so brilliant and seamless!

The passion for ingenuity and artistry never ends at Watson & Co. We designed an art wall using some of their letters made of recycled tin and oil drums. See the picture below for how it turned out!


All of the letters are made from recycled material, which is always a great way to design! Chris tells us there are tons of used oil drums piled up in junk yards that are just waiting to be repurposed. One of the signature pieces featuring the recycled letters is an assortment placed on 8 foot screens. Check out the picture below!


Chris also told us about some exclusive furniture pieces in the works that are made out of wood floor planks from old train cars. How awesome is that?!

This company is truly a great find because it combines both elements of design, creating and engineering. Chris and his tight knit team (just like Colours!) have such a passion for what they do and make the experience working with them fun! I have a strong feeling we will be using Watson & Co. again very soon! Check out more of their products on their website at


Contact Colours for all your design needs or if interested in purchasing!

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Images courtesy of: Watson & Co.; Distill by Billy Ward Photography

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Colours, Inc. is proud to celebrate the opening of our latest tavern project Distill A Local Bar in Summerlin. The owners are the tavern group known for Remedy’s Tavern and Elixir located in the Henderson and Green Valley Areas.

Bringing a rustic tavern feel to a fun bar and lounge atmosphere, Distill is sure to be a new hot spot for locals and visitors in the Summerlin area.

Go check out this awesome bar! An amazing food menu, plenty of cocktail and bar tap offerings, and an atmosphere you will not want to leave! The Grand Opening is this Saturday, February 22nd.

Be on the lookout for new photos of our latest project on our website!

Image: Distill

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We just held our 30th annual National Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Elko, NV. From the moment you arrive, you are transported into a place so magical it leaves you speechless – or maybe that was the Basque cocktail known as the Pecan Punch? Seriously though, I’ve been in attendance now for 20 years and I simply love this event. Thank you to the Western Folklife Center for another amazing experience!

Please enjoy some of the memories photographed, lost items found, and links to several performances (who knew there were Hawaiian Cowboys?)

Watch the Haleamau Family from Hawaii here: YouTube-Haleamau (skip to 45.50)


The always fabulous Paul Zarzyski in his Saturday afternoon impromptu show at the G3 Bar.

Read John L. Smith’s article about Paul in the Las Vegas Review Journal!


For the 30th we had the pleasure of having the remarkable and most fascinating Dr. Temple Grandin as our keynote speaker.

I ran into her in the gift shop “chatted her up” What a wonderful life moment! This is what the Gathering is all about!

3stageHand created backdrops and local props help to create the beautiful stage at the convention center auditorium!

4cowboyartOne of my personal favorites on my visit to Elko for the gathering is the art display in the G3 Bar. This art is all hand created by Elko’s local school kids!  These two cow girls were awesome!


A glimpse at this year’s amazing exhibit “Expressing the Rural West Into the Future” a celebration of the artistry of the west.

 5localdiningWhen in Elko be sure to visit the “Coffee Mug” Elko’s most well-known diner! Check out this awesome reception counter made of a re-purposed 1949 Chevy pickup partial cab – upside down! The food is awesome and incredibly LARGE. Very cowboy!

The Coffee Mug

2405 Mountain City Hwy Elko, NV 89801

(775) 738-5999



Pam Brown and Ron at our annual dinner at The Star enjoying Basque Food!

friendsMy friend and fellow WFC Board member, Tiffany Tiberti


My Cowboy!



Here are some awesome performances!


“Waddie Mitchell, official poet of the Nevada Sesquicentennial, recites the poem he wrote for the 150th birthday of his home state. Waddie recited “Dame Nevada” for the first time. On the opening night of the Gathering, Waddie Mitchell debuted his poem “Dame Nevada” written in honor of the state’s sesquicentennial. It’s a lovely tribute for a very special place.” – Western Folk Life Center

God Bless Waddie and the lovely Lisa too!

Watch Waddie’s performance here! YouTube – Waddie Mitchell


creole cowboys

This is an awesome band from Louisiana called The Creole Cowboys!

“Born in Lafayette, Louisiana, Jeffery Broussard was raised in Frilot Cove on a farm where his father was a sharecropper. He grew up fishing the bayous, riding horses across fields, and working hard. A founding member of the Creole Riders club, he owns three horses and taught his children to ride. One of the most influential accordionists and vocalists in modern Zydeco music, Jeffery is a dynamic performer and a musical innovator. Beginning his career at age eight playing drums in his father’s traditional Creole Zydeco band, Delton Broussard & The Lawtell Playboys, he moved on to develop the nouveau Zydeco sound with Zydeco Force, then returned to a more traditional sound with his own band, Jeffery Broussard & The Creole Cowboys.” – Western Folklife Center

Watch Waddie’s performance here! YouTube-Creole Cowboys 

Watch all of the performances and extras on the Western Folklife Center YouTube Channel: Youtube-Western Folklife Center

Check out the Western Folklife Center Facebook page for even more exclusive and fun extras from the gathering! Facebook-Western Folklife Center

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Be inspired! The PANTONE color of the year 2014 is Radiant Orchid. While at last weeks Las Vegas Market, we discovered that this color is color is really everywhere! This playful hue is a mix of violet purples and fuchsia pinks. Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the PANTONE Color Institute® says “While the 2013 color of the year, PANTONE 17-5641 Emerald, served as a symbol of growth, renewal and prosperity, Radiant Orchid reaches across the color wheel to intrigue the eye and spark the imagination”. Radiant Orchid is indeed quite the contrast from last year’s Emerald, but in turn is such a great color because it has so many possibilities. Stemming from the root of its name, this bright color draws hues from the purple Orchid flower. Like anything from nature, the Orchid is filled with different shades of colors that flow from its pedals. This color is a fun splash to the color pallet!


PANTONE is known globally for their expertise in color and setting color standards for all industries of design. The products and services PANTONE provides have been inspiring creative minds in design industries to utilize and incorporate all aspects of color. Every year at the PANTONE Color Institute®, passionate color experts study influences of human culture from all around the world. Influence is pulled from every aspect of our culture such as technology, fashion, entertainment, and even major sporting events. Determining the next year’s color inspiration takes nearly a year of compiling this research and discussion.


Radiant Orchid is described by PANTONE as “Expressive, exotic Radiant Orchid blooms with confidence and warmth”. I think this color is a fresh addition to the color pallet of design. Naturally, shades of Radiant Orchid and similar tones can be seen in many fashion lines this year. In design, this kind of color really stretches the imagination. Varying hues of this color can definitely be bright enough to make a statement but also be a subtle accent piece to add color without being overwhelming. Adding a few furniture pieces or accessories is an easy way to give a space a pop of color. A bold statement piece can give an empowering Paint an accent wall of Radiant Orchid, and a room can really be transformed! This color can be paired with several other pallets to compliment the hue.

I truly cannot believe that this color is back! I started my career in the 70’s immersed in Mauve tones and “Orchid”…well…you know what they say…‘If you live long enough…’


Check out the PANTONE website and explore all the inspiring products they offer here: Radiant Orchid Products  (There is even an adorable paint chip flash drive in Radiant Orchid and previous year’s colors!)

Read the full PANTONE Radiant Orchid press release here: Radiant Orchid 

As always, contact us at Colours, Inc. for all your design inspiration needs!

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Images: PANTONE; Schonbek; Howard Elliot; Surya; Jaipur Rugs; PolArt

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For many years Colours has helped Canyon Ridge Christian Church with all of their Interior Design needs including the building of their current Phase I youth building and the expansion of the present auditorium. Today CRCC averages a weekly congregation of around 6,000 people! 


Currently we are working on a beautiful chapel space which many members have longed for. As seen in the photo above, this will have more of a traditional chapel feel for sacred ceremonies such as wedding and funeral services. The chapel will be an intimate space able to hold up to 500 people. The rendering photo above was developed by Visioneering Studios based out of California. Colours, Inc. has selected all of the interior and exterior finishes working closely with local project Architect Wade Simpson. Completion of the project is expected to be fall 2014.

CRCC stage 2Shown above is a retro fit to the interiors of the current high school space which was just completed. This design involved teaching our youth the importance of thinking “Green” and repurposing old materials into something new. We used shipping palettes in their roughed out look to complete the décor of the stage and center piece of their music workshop.

A church doesn’t have to look traditional and these designs prove just that!   

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